We operate where finance and management intersect. We have extensive experience in improving the performance of financial institutions - commercial banks, fund managers, investment banks, trading firms, and insurance companies - by devising and implementing profitable strategies and operational initiatives. Our role has ranged from purely advisory to hands-on project management with profit and loss responsibility.

Another focus is making corporate transactions more successful. For buyers, we have assessed the fundamental merits and the pricing of businesses, ranging from examining the underlying dynamics of an industry (often, when a new thesis has led to a change in valuation) to performing business due diligence on a quick turnaround basis. Post-transaction, we have worked with investors on whether to fix or sell underperforming units, and with portfolio companies to improve results. We have also produced better outcomes in all aspects of the sale/capital raising process, from developing business plans, identifying prospective investors, coaching the principals, and supporting negotiations.

Finally, we have enabled clients to better international growth, both foreign institutions entering the U.S. and U.S concerns venturing overseas. Many clients have used acquisitions or partnerships, such as joint ventures, licenses, and franchises, to speed the process. We have considerable insight into how to make these approaches succeed.