Where can you turn when you have a thorny management situation but don't have the time or budget to bring in a brand-name consulting firm?

We have spent the last eighteen years helping clients devise practical, efficient solutions to complex problems.

The hallmarks of our approach are:

  • Focusing on results, not analysis. Most clients want answers, not reports. While it is important to understand the nuances of a company's situation, many consultants delve into every issue, regardless of how likely it is to influence the outcome.

    Like most phenomena, consulting is 80/20: 80% of the value comes from solving the most important aspects of the problem. Accordingly, at the outset, we identify the critical issues. By addressing them first, we deliver high-quality results quickly and cost-effectively.

  • Seeking particularly challenging assignments. Companies often come to us when they have exhausted other options, and we are therefore required to deliver results on a daunting schedule. We have a reputation for tenacity, creativity, and resourcefulness.

  • Providing custom solutions. No two assignments are alike (indeed, assignments, even in the same industry, seldom bear much resemblance to each other). Engagement scope, methodologies, staffing and recommendations are all specific to the client's unique challenges and resources.

  • Using senior-level talent. Sophisticated organizations expect seasoned advisors. We bring the best resources to bear on a client's needs: experienced professionals with relevant expertise. As much as possible, we draw on client talent and know-how, using senor managers as team members and younger staff for analytical support.

  • Candor. We refer clients to other professionals if we think they can do a better job, and give the clients our best ideas, even if they differ from what the audience would like to hear.